A Full year lease runs from 1st August to the following 31st July. Invoices are emailed out in early July for the start of the following season and are payable in full.

If something comes up during the season and you need your beehive removed, this can be organised, however we ask that you are mindful that beehives become extremely difficult to move in the honey flow season. If you are planning any landscaping work, we ask that you organise for that to happen in the winter months when the beehives are easier to move or give us sufficient notice.

Honey is provided in a food grade bulk pail. Customers have the option to receive honey in 500gm plastic jars instead of bulk pail, for an additional charge.

We endeavour to collect and extract honey in batches and in such a way as to ensure that the honey you receive includes the honey collected from the beehive on your property and beehives in your surrounding area. However, we cannot guarantee that the honey you receive is solely from the beehive on your property as it is both impractical and uneconomical to empty and clean the extraction plant, after each and every honey box is extracted.

Any excess honey produced by a lease beehive, remains the property of Backyard Bees.

In the unlikely event that there is a widespread lack of honey harvested, we reserve the right to reduce the amount of honey distributed per beehive. Such events may be severe climatic weather events affecting flowering and nectar flow and or widespread disease outbreak during the honey flow period. Customers will be notified via email of this situation.

All beehives and apiary sites will be registered with Ministry of Primary Industries, by Backyard Bees. As such all property owners are required to furnish contact details to enable this process. From time to time, agents from the Ministry of Primary Industries may require access to inspect the beehive. All reasonable steps will be taken to contact property owners prior to these visits. Backyard Bees preferred method of communication with customers is via email and / or text and we ask that an email address and mobile number is provided in addition to general contact details.

Before siting a beehive on a property, we will in conjunction with the home owner look for the most suitable location, for all concerned. This will take into account sun exposure and shelter from wind or elements, flight paths to likely nectar sources, avoidance of areas frequented by occupants and general public, i.e. footpaths, washing lines etc and access for the beekeeper to be able to manoeuver with beekeeping equipment and beehive.

Due to Health and Safety Legislation, home owners are not permitted to open hive or interfere with the hive or bees, unless assisted by Backyard Bees beekeepers.

Backyard Bees or any of its employees or agents will not be responsible for any injury caused either directly or indirectly from the bees or products produced from any beehive.

One months notice is appreciated to cancel your beehive rental agreement. There will be no refunds issued for cancellations. We will endeavour to supply you with the 10kg honey as per our terms.

All beehive equipment, and bees, remain the property of Backyard Bees.