We Supply and Manage the Beehive While You Enjoy The Benefits

Do you love honey and like the idea of honey bees on your property?  Don’t have the time or confidence to keep bees yourself?

Backyard Bees provides beehives for rent in the Nelson and Tasman regions of New Zealand.  When you rent a beehive from us, we fully manage the beehive, leaving you to enjoy the bee pollination of your fruit trees and flowering plants, as well as providing you with raw and natural honey harvested from your beehive and the beehives in your area!

Backyard Bees Beehive Rental Nelson Tasman how it works

How Beehive Rental Works

Prior to delivery of your beehive, we will visit your home to decide on a suitable location to suit your needs, as well as the needs of the bees.
Once the bees have been delivered to your backyard, it will take a couple of days for them to settle in to their new surroundings and go to work.
During the honey flow season, we extract the honey from the top boxes, in a fully registered extraction plant.  Your honey is independently tested for safe consumption and then packaged in food grade bulk pails or 500g jars.  ​You  receive 10kg of beautiful local honey for you to share with family and friends or just keep to enjoy for yourself.

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What We Do

We perform all maintenance on your beehive.  This involves onsite checks every 4 – 6 weeks,  with more visits during the honey flow season.  During our visits we check the general bee health, queen bee laying patterns & food stores.  We treat for Varroa Mites and re-queen the beehive. We perform compulsory disease elimination checks required by Government agencies and ensure the health of the beehive. ​We are responsible for all costs associated with AFB Management. We register the apiary site and beehive and pay for all levies and fees required by law. We harvest the honey, organise all extraction, Tutin testing and packaging, and deliver your liquid gold to your door. 

Backyard Bees Nelson Tasman management
Backyard Bees Nelson Tasman honey

What You Get

As well as enjoying the benefit of bee pollination of all your flowering plants and fruit trees, you receive an amount of honey depending on which rental plan you choose.  See our pricing table for all the options.

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Rental Options

The Urban Buzz

$345+ GST annually
  • Perfect for the household that loves honey and bees. Contains 1x Beehive, managed by Backyard Bees. 10kg of honey supplied to the client in a 10kg pail.

Urban Buzz Deluxe

$375+ GST annually
  • The same great beehive and service as the Urban Buzz but upgraded honey from a 10kg pail to 20x 500g containers.

The Lifestyler

$615+ GST annually
  • For a property requiring 2 hives for their pollination and/or honey needs. Contains 2x beehives managed by Backyard Bees. 20kg of honey supplied to the client in 2x 10kg pails.

The Lifestyler Deluxe

$675+ GST annually
  • The same great beehives and service as the Lifestyler but upgraded honey packing from 10kg pails to 40x500g containers.